Level Up Your Laravel Architecture

Learn some easy-to-implement and great architectures that work best with Laravel.

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The classic that fits lots of smaller project if you do it in the right way.


One of the easiest ways to avoid huge controllers or models.


Let's have some fun in the Laravel way!

Domains and DTOs

Some of the most fundamental and useful aspects of domain-driven design.

About The Book

"Layered Architectures with Laravel" is a 28-page guide that teaches you four different designs that can greatly improve the quality of your project.

General Eloquent Recipes

  • MVC

  • Services

  • Actions

  • Fundamentals of domain-driven-design

...and more. These architectures help you avoid monster controllers and models.

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Who Am I?

👋 Hey!I'm Martin Joo, a PHP developer since 2012. I'm also a content creator, blogger, and author of:

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  • DevOps with Laravel

  • Microservices with Laravel

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  • Test-Driven APIs with Laravel and Pest

  • Laravel Eloquent Recipes

  • Proper API Design with Laravel

  • Common Mistakes in Laravel

  • Blog For Laravel Artisans

As you can see, I really love Laravel. I'm also sharing everything I know about development on Twitter.

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